Writing the Book


When preparing for this trip over the past couple of years I came to the discovery that there is no field guide for the PCT.  How strange.  After all, thousands of people hike and ride on the PCT each year, and hundreds even go the whole way each summer.  The PCT is billed as one of the most ecologically diverse long distance trails in the world, and with good reason.  It passes through deserts, chapparal, montane forests, wetlands, meadows, alpine , and one of the largest temperate rain forests in the world.  That IS a pretty diverse assemblage of bioregions.  What an opportunity then for us as hikers to really learn about these ecosystems we are passing through.  What an opportunity to celebrate and participate in diversity.

While hiking the PCT I will be gathering as much detailed knowledge about these ecosystems as I can, and intend to write and publish a book, a field guide to the PCT.  This book will be written from the point of view of both the ecologist/naturalist, as well as the view of the hiker.  I intend to make this resource available as well through electronic application, such that one could utilize it in an interactive way on their hand held, and even have audio clips available related to certain Points of Interest along the way.

I would like to make this resource as accessible and user friendly as possible.

If you are interested in helping to shape the form and content of this book now is a great time to get in touch and let us know your thoughts and ideas of what you would like to see in such a resource.

Likewise, if you are interested in supporting this work with a large or small financial contribution, of if you would just like to see a short video with some gorgeous photos of the PCT please follow this link to the Kickstarter funding campaign

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