Wrightwood, CA Mile 369

We rolled into town this afternoon.  Well, ‘rolled’ is an exaggeration.  I hobbled.  Li An strode.  Her feet are doing fantastic, but mine on the other foot, are not in great shape.  Turns out they have swelled.  A lot.  I don’t know if I will ever fit those shoes again, but certainly not anytime soon.  We will try to get into REI in order to buy some new shoes.  Yesterday I had to take a knife to the outer seam of one of them just to relieve the pressure on my little toe.

The week was hotter than we have been getting used to, but not without a lot of water.  We zeroed at Deep Creek hot springs, and spent many hours soaking our feet and legs.  Dips in the cool river felt medicinal as well.

We saw quite a few snakes this week, including many gopher snakes and another big black rattlesnake.  The miles were through mostly recent burned chapparal and scrub oak woodland, as well as higher up in the cooler jeffrey pines and white fir.  We also saw our first big cone doug fir since leaving the Mexican border.

We were also blessed with some true trail magic as a guy we met at the hot springs, made an effort to bring us out some pizzas at the next road crossing 6 miles further the next day.  6 of us enjoyed the treats while meeting Albert’s family.  We have also been graciously invited into this home here in Wrightwood, and have enjoyed getting to know Matt, Becky, Erik, and Kelley as well as some of the other extremely friendly locals here.  Wrightwood is a real breath of fresh air upstream from the Inland Empire.

Now it is time to pack up once again and plan to head up the switchbacked trail to the peak of Mt Baden Powell tomorrow morning.  As the Station Fire Detour has been lifted we will be able to hike nearly the entirety of section D to Agua Dulce, with a couple small detours including one area closed off to protect an endangered frog.


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