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DSC07839Beginning in early spring 2011 we will undertake to hike the 2650+ mile long Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).  We have created this site in order to be able to communicate with our friends, family, and the world in order to create publicity for the project beforehand, as well as to be able to stay in touch more effectively throughout the journey.  We intend to deepen the experience of such an intense passage through the varied landscapes of California, Oregon, and Washington by offering workshops and talks along the way as well as by conducting what may be the worlds longest foot powered ‘mega transect’.  We seek to share the experience of living lightly with as many folks as possible, and to share our backgrounds in ecosystem literacy and environmental ethics.  The data we collect will be useful as a means of comparison to understand current plant species distributions as well as future changes in the coming decades.  These many shared experiences and research efforts will culminate in the authoring of a naturalists guide to the PCT.


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